A wedding in Central Park, New York City.

The day was beautiful for this wedding in the gorgeous Central Park. The weather was perfect. The ceremony was at the Ladies Pavilion.

These are two of the pictures. Coming more soon!

Una boda en el hermoso Parque Central de la Ciudad de Nueva York.

The officiant of the wedding ceremony was Rev. Raquel Algarin
She is an ordained interfaith/non-denomination minister, experienced as an Officiant. Registered with the New York City Clerk’s Office since the year 2000.

She has performed ceremonies at homes, apartments, parks, botanical gardens, restaurants, community centers, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Buggy Rides, churches, chapels, cruise ships and catering halls.

Rev Raquel Algarin y la pareja de recien casados. Parque Central. Ciudad de Nueva York.

Central Park is a romantic and beautiful place to have your wedding or just your wedding pictures.

Some of the best places for weddings are the Conservatory Garden, Ladies Pavilion, the Pond, Cherry Hill, Cop Cot, Bethesda Terrace, Belvedere Plaza, Wagner Cove, Summit Rock and Harlem Meer.

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Excelentes artistas de la calle en el hermoso Parque Central. Nueva York.

Mientras tomabamos fotos pudimos disfrutar de estos excelentes artistas. Gente alrededor de ellos escuchandolos/as.
La pareja de casados comentarón que estos artistas deberían de ser invitados a algún programa de TV o algún otro lugar. ¡Son muy buenos!

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