Same sex couples will need a little bit of luck to get married on 7-24-11.


Fotografia para parejas del mismo sexo en la Ciudad de Nueva York.

Same sex couples who want to get marry in New York City on Sunday, July 24th, 2011 will need a little bit of luck. WHY?

This Sunday is the first day same sex couples will be able to marry in New York.

As of Tuesday, the number of people pre-registered for on-line marriage licenses stood at 2,661 – including 1,728 same-sex couples.

The city received so many applications for that day that they instituted a lottery for just 764 weddings. The city government expect 2,500 couples to participate in the lottery.

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There will be 400 slots available for the Manhattan City Clerk’s Office; 112 slots available each for the Brooklyn and Queens City Clerk’s Offices; 98 slots available for The Bronx City Clerk’s Office; and 42 slots available for the Staten Island City Clerk’s Office.

Would-be brides and grooms must now register for the lottery at by noon Thursday. The winners will be notified by noon Friday.

Lottery Rules
The lottery will begin at Noon on Tuesday, July 19th and end at Noon on Thursday, July 21st. Winning couples will be selected randomly and notified promptly by e-mail and/or phone no later than Noon on Friday, July 22. Each couple is permitted one entry into the lottery; any duplicate entries will be removed before the selection process is undertaken. Any couple can receive their marriage license or have a wedding ceremony in any Borough City Clerk’s Office, regardless of residency.

On Valentine’s Day 2003 there were 621 weddings. On Sunday, July 24th there will be 764 weddings. A record!!!


Atardecer en la Estatua de la Libertad. Ciudad de Nueva York.

“Everybody’s freaked out, because they had it in their minds to be able to go first day. How exciting that everyone wants to jump on the first day. The good news is that you won’t be sharing your anniversary with 10,000 other people.” said Cathy Marino-Thomas, spokeswoman for Marriage Equality New York.

“We’re going to make history when New York’s new marriage equality law takes effect across the state and like so many things that happen in New York, I think Sunday promises to bring the eyes of the nation to our city, we know that same-sex couples all over the city, all over the country and even all over the world want to tie the knot in New York City,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Hundreds of couples will have to wait!!!

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